The Doubters

You can live an experience and have inside knowledge of even the finest details yet  others will still choose to not believe you. From the outside it may look very different but no matter how it looks like from the outer, it does not change the truth of what really is going on. 

Eventually you cease sharing what you know because it falls on deaf ears and eventually you detach yourself from all outcomes. This is the perfect place to be. When you detach yourself you are freeing yourself from the weight of having to prove anything. 

When the time comes that others begin to recognise your  experiences are in fact true, you will be accused of not sharing the information sooner and again you will have to detach and let go of the outcomes. 

You will often experience this with those that are not involved in your day to day life. From a distance these people will judge themselves to be more understanding of the facts but the fact remains that they only have eyes from a distance. 

Say what?

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