Three Mistakes Most Women Make

A quick Google search of ‘mistakes women make’ will lead you to hundreds of articles on how women can improve themselves so that they will be more successful in relationships. You can also learn what women need to do in and out of bed. So I thought I’d write about three mistakes most women really make.

Number 1
Seriously. Listening to dictatorskheads who think they have the right to tell you how to act or feel is like attending an orgy and expecting to find a monogamous life partner. How you act and feel is totally up to you. There are no permission slips in life. If you are surrounded by people who tell you how you should behave or how you should feel then it’s time to do a cull of your inner circle. Of course I’m not saying that you should be an arsehole – because we all know nobody likes an arsehole except said arsehole – but your actions and feelings are yours alone.

Number 2
Of course this isn’t an exclusive female thing. Everyone could do themselves a favour by doing an inventory of their thoughts about themselves. Don’t be putting an expensive price tag on others while you stick a clearance sale tag on yourself. If you are continually walking around with that clearance sale tag on yourself the people around you will see you as bargain basement and treat you accordingly. Honour, value and facilitate your own needs and desires and encourage others to do the same. It’s not your job to meet the needs and desires of everyone else. Your responsibilities to your non-adult children and elderly parents can be met without forgetting about yourself.

Number 3
You are who you are. Life is not a competition and nobody is perfect, no matter how much is may look that for some it is. Comparing yourself to others puts the focus on them rather than on yourself. If you want to do something – go do it – don’t compare it to others. Know your strengths and your weaknesses and work from there – your start and finish point should be with you – not anybody else.

So in summary – act or feel how you want, value yourself and do whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want to do it.
The end. 



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