Honouring My Mum

My mother is 70 years old so it’s fair to say that she’s been around the traps a few times. I was reminiscing with my mum yesterday afternoon about when I was a young mum and just how much I depended on her. It wasn’t just for help with my babies but for friendship because we enjoyed each others company. 

At the age of 70 my mum is now back in the swing of all things baby with the arrival of my daughter’s baby boy. We are a four generation household and in our house there seems to be a role for everyone. 

Mum has a brain injury which prevents her from doing many things she would like – including picking up the baby. Her balance issues prevents her from such freedoms. She can however sit down with baby which she gladly does. She has also taken on the role of chief baby clothes/bedding washer and does the task with joy. I’m guessing she’s enjoying having those fresh baby smells back in the home. 

Mum lost her husband (my dad) of nearly 54 years close to a year ago and we are all still sorely missing him. I am acutely aware of how he would have loved to have played a role here at home with the baby and I know my mum thinks about this quite often. She knows how much my dad would have fussed. 

My mum is largely dependant on us because of her brain injury and while I am aware that this frustrates her – I don’t think I always fully appreciate how lucky I am to be able to care for her. 

When I recall those years when she helped me raise my children and gave me any help I needed with anything, what I remember the most is our friendship. 

We love each others company and I need to remind myself more often that I am so privilidged to have my mum with me. There are many out there without a mother for one reason or another. 

I love her even when she drives me mad and I know she loves me when I drive her mad! I get short tempered and so does she – but we both know it’s nothing at all compared to the love we feel for each other. 

So when I see my 70 year old mum interacting with my 3 week old grandson – I am proud to call her my mum. 

We ought to take the time to remember who we love and why. We ought to take time to remember the life we have shared with others and we must always remember to honour the love we felt for them yesterday, the love we have for them today and the love we will feel tomorrow. 

I love you mum – you fucking rock! 

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